Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let's Play Minecraft On Xbox Episode 16

Hello and welcome to Episode 16 of my Let's Play Minecraft on Xbox series. Not a lot going on this week except "great" pyramid work which is starting to go my way, it seems like I've finished the worst of it and it will be easy sailing from now on.

If you want to catch up with last week's Episode, please click here for Episode 15.

I've been working at the pyramid site mining the area between the rail tracks and the pyramid itself. Since I've already found lava this close to the surface I'm putting two stone blocks under the ground level. The cobblestone I mine is being cooked in a furnace to make the stone. I've been using the lava pit I found to power the furnaces but I'm just about out of lava.

I'm getting close to finishing the left half of the ground in front of the pyramid. Unfortunately for me, the right side hasn't been touched at all and I'll have to deal with some water as well. Everything else is going good so I'll refrain from whining until it's justified.

Since I'm nearly done finishing the ground floor inside the pyramid I've realized that it's going to much more sandstone than I currently have so I've begun mining for that in between the rest of the work I'm engaged in. It's good, for me at least, to have two different things going at once so you don't get so bored doing the same thing that you want to quit altogether.

When I'm mining sandstone I use cheap cobblestone pickaxes so I don't wear out my enchanted diamond axes. Even with the cobblestone pickaxe, you can still mine sandstone pretty fast and I like that I have control over it. When you mine sandstone with a good pickaxe the thing goes crazy and will mine ten blocks before you can stop it.

Well, that's all for this week, tune in next time as I put the finishing touches on the pyramid base level. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you next week!


DAYS:    15     HOURS:     4     MINUTES:    31

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