Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Terminator Tech Noir Action Figure Review

The other day my wife and I were at Toys R Us looking for Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) toys for my daughter. Of course, they didn't have what we were looking for but we did find another FNAF plushy that she wanted. Once the plushy was secure I wandered off and found a whole section with acting figures based off movies that were big when I was a kid. I saw figures from Robocop, Predator, Ghostbusters and so on. I was down to either buying one of two that I liked. The first was a Walter Peck action figure from Ghostbusters. I laughed when I found him because he's the character everyone loves to hate but he's not really action figure material. He didn't even come with any accessories! My other pick was also from Ghostbusters, the scene when Venkman was slimed by Slimer. an iconic scene from Ghostbusters which was what I was going to pick when I saw The Terminator.

This is a NECA Terminator action figure is from the original movie played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's dressed in the recently departed Bill Paxton's characters clothing. He comes with a bunch of accessories that allows you to create the different scenes he was in.

He comes with three heads to use including a regular head from these scenes, a second head I believe from later in the movie (or the second movie), and a head from the scene where he cuts his eye out in the bathroom. He has two left hands to use, one in a fist and one for shooting a gun. He also has a regular forearm on the right side and one from the bathroom scene where he cuts into his flesh to fix his mechanical parts underneath, this figure also has a set of forceps to help fix his mechanical bits.

For weapons, The Terminator comes with the 1911 pistol with the scope he uses to kill the wrong Sarah Conner (this scene always makes me laugh as he's shooting her at point blank range and needs this massive scope despite being a cyborg with a computer brain). This guy comes with two guns from the gun shop scene, the Uzi 9mm he asks for on the shelf and the shotgun he loads to kill poor Dick Miller.

This figure is really great. He has lots of articulation so you can pose him in all kind of different ways. He has everything you need to recreate all of the scenes in the movie. Arnold looks really good to the point that with a fancy camera setup you could make him look nearly human, or at least as human as the CG Arnold looked in Terminator Genisys. His clothes are spot on and the chain looped in his jacket actually moves which is neat. The jacket is a hard rubbery plastic that looks just like the movie jacket.

My only gripe with this guy is his shotgun. It looks very sad to me.

The picture does not do it justice, trust me. It looks like it was left out on a hot day and melted into crazy new directions. I read online that it may be able to fix with some boiling water but honestly, I think the other two guns are the guns you think of when you think of the Terminator shooting.

At $25.00 he's not the cheapest toy but you get a lot for that price. I'm still basing toy costs to what they were back in the 90s when I could get a Star Wars action figure for five dollars. I think that the quality mixed with the ability to customize makes this a great buy at $25.00 so if he peaks your interest get your hands on one before you are Terminated.

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