Monday, September 7, 2020

Propstore Live Auction August 26-27 2020 - Masters Of The Universe Memorabilia Results

Today I have the results of the Propstores Live Auction from August 26-27 2020, particularly the Masters Of The Universe memorabilia results.

I wasn't sure how the pandemic would affect the prices and from what I can see it had no change as every MOTU piece sold for higher than the estimate except two that sold for the minimum and one selling for three thousand dollars above.

The biggest surprise for me was Skeletor's God costume pieces, both the chest armor lot #480 and the light-up goldtone gauntlets #481 both sold at the low estimated cost of $5,000 for #480 and $3,000 for #481.

The two blaster pistol lot #476 had an estimate of $600-800 and ended up selling for $2,000. If you divide them by two that means each is worth around $1,000 so the Skeletor's Trooper Blaster that I bought years ago for $150 has increased in value at a pretty good rate.

Lot #477 was the Eternian Soldier Rifle which had a low estimate of $400-600 and sold for $1,900 which is a little high possibly in my mind but the Eternain blasters seem to come up less often than Skeletor's Trooper's Blasters.

Gwildor's Grappling Hook, lot #478, which is one of the ones I would have liked to purchase. The estimate was for $500-700 and it sold for $2,250 which is on the high side for such a small prop but it was prominently featured and used by He-Man twice which I think helped this to see as high as it did.

Blade's sword, Lot #479, had an estimate of $800-1,200 and sold for $2,750 which I think is a good price for this piece. Out of all the props from MOTU offered in this auction, I think this sword would display very nicely in a room.

We have two more props to look at and we start with the most complete listing, Skeletor's Trooper Costume and Sword, Lot #475. With an estimate of $2,000-3,000 and sold for $4,500 I think this is a pretty good deal. I want to say one of these costumes sold for around $3,000 a few years ago for a complete costume but without a sword or blaster so $4,500 isn't too bad a price for a very nice set.

Finally, we have He-Man's knife, Lot #482. It had an estimate of $1,000-1,500 and sold for $4,000 which is a staggering amount for what this knife recently sold for. The one that sold on eBay about a year ago sold for under $1,000 so a 4X increase in price is pretty nice. I should have bought it just to flip in this auction. That's my suggestion for you, find out about six months before Propstore has another auction and buy up some pieces to put in the Propstore auction.

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