Thursday, September 10, 2020

Wings Of Glory Reinforcements From eBay

I got three new planes in the mail the other day from eBay including two French scouts and one British Two-Seater all flown by American Pilots. Normally I wouldn't make a post about random purchases but these planes are a little more special than the rest.

For those of you unaware this month is Ebay's 25th Anniversary and while I haven't been using the platform since the beginning I did first use eBay in 1999 so nearly 21 years. To celebrate their anniversary eBay is offering a 25% off coupon for one item under $100 which isn't too bad. I don't know if there are tiers but due to my long time with eBay, they sent me a $25 gift certificate.

I don't know how you are when it comes to luck but for the most part, I fall on the "worst luck in the world" category. I can remember all the times I've won anything, once I won a PlayStation One game in a cereal box. The games that I could pick from weren't new or even that good, most likely they were clearing out old stock, so I picked a hockey game. I enjoy hockey enough but I'm not a big fan but I choose that game because it was one of the NHL games by EA in the 90s that were very good. I went to check and it was NHL98, I still have it.

Other than that I did win 200 dollars at a casino once but I'm not one of those people who spent $1000 and walk out with $100 thinking I'm ahead. There are many ways of spending your money when it comes to entertainment and spending money at the casino isn't for me so the $200 I won, which was around 15 years ago, was good enough for me and I haven't spent money at a casino in over a decade.

So when I received an email from eBay for 25 bucks without any strings I was very surprised and happy. I knew instantly that I wanted to add to my Wings Of Glory planes and looked for a seller that had some that I was interested in. I found a seller that had two new planes that totaled just over $25 but if I spent $35 I would get free shipping so I spent a little of my own money and ended up with three new planes for the hanger.

The first plane I bought was a British two-seater Airco DH.4 flown by the American 50th Squadron AEF. The next was a French scout  Nieuport Ni.28 flown by Harold Hartney for the United States 27th Aero Squadron.

The last plane is another French scout, a SPAD XIII of the American 94th Aero Pursuit Squadron flown by America's top ace Eddie Rickenbacker. I wanted this plane first off because I needed a SPAD XIII. The other reason I picked this specific plane was that I already have Baron Von Richthofen (The Red Baron) who was Germany's top ace so I needed America's to go with him. I really like the way this plane looks especially the fact that Ares painted the wheels in the star pattern just like Rickenbacker real plane.

I didn't plan it this way but all three planes ended up being American which also happens to be my first for the US. With these three planes, I now have a total of 13 Wings Of War/Glory planes including two Allied two-seaters, five Allied scouts, two Central two-seaters, and four Central scouts. Eventually, I have enough planes, that is once I'm dead.

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