Friday, July 3, 2020

NECA TMNT Foot Soldier (Melee Weapons) 7 Inch 1990 Movie Action Figure Review

In today's review, I bring you a review of NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie Foot Soldier (Melee Weapons) 7 Inch action figure. So far I've been pretty happy with wave 2 of this release but today I bring you the objectively worse figure in this line.

This Foot Soldier is one of four figures released in Wave 2 from NECA's TMNT 1990 Movie toyline. This series started at a very large 1/4 scale, you can read my review of 1/4 scale Donatello here, and then are shrunk down into a much more manageable size and affordable price in a 7-inch scale.

Why do I say that this figure is the worst in the line? It's because this figure is exactly the same as the Bladed Weapons Foot Soldier I previously review with different weapons. I get it, costs and stuff, but the foot soldier himself is completely identical to the point if you mix them up like I have, you'll never know which is which. And since they look the same it won't matter.

Same guy, different weapons.

I won't go into too much depth about his looks since I've already done that with the Bladed Weapon Foot Soldier but this one looks great just like the other. These are the best looking figures based upon a movie or tv show at this scale for 25 dollars. These are 7 Inch figures based upon the 1/4 scale figures that NECA has been releasing over the years. For a review of a 1/4 scale NECA TMNT Donatello figure click here.

Since this is the same figure as the Bladed Weapons Foot Soldier I already review, this figure also has 30 points of articulation including a ball joint for the head and neck joint, ball joints in the shoulders, double joint in the elbows, both wrists, waist, both hips, both knees, and ankle joints. This Foot Soldier is pretty possible and can be put into more poses than the turtles who are limited due to their shells.

The best part about this figure is his accessories. Since the Foot Soldier is the same figure as the Bladed Weapon Foot Soldier the only differences are the weapons. Like his counterpart, this Melee Foot Solider comes with three pairs of hands including a closed fist punching set, a fingers splayed set, and a set told hold weapons. The weapon holding set is pretty good but some of the weapons like the batons don't fit snugly in his hands.

This Foot Soldier also comes with an extra red bandana for a total of two. For weapons, he comes with a large black staff that is similar to Donatello's. He also has two sets of nunchucks, one pair is like Michaelangelo's but all black with a cord between the two sticks. The second pair is black with metallic studs on the handles and with a metallic chain that holds the sticks together and I have to say I like this weapon the best from this set. The last two weapons are a pair of police-style batons.

After paying for this Melee Weapons Foot Solider am I happy with my purchase? Mostly yes with my only issue being the figure itself being identical to the Bladed Weapons Foot Soldier. I understand all the reasons for this but even a removable head so each soldier would have gone a big way. I like all the weapons he came with and you're going to want a minimum of two Foot Soldiers for displays (or for playing with 😉). If you only want one Foot Soldier then choose whichever you can get your hands on, if you have a choice go with whichever weapons set you like the most. For me, I personally like the Bladed Foot Soldier because I like that big ax that is used in April's apartment. I give this Melee Weapons Foot Soldier an 8 out of 10!

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