Sunday, July 19, 2020

Wings Of Glory Sopwith Camel vs Albatros D.Va Dogfight AAR #1

I first became interested in Wings Of Glory back when it was transitioning from its original name Wings Of War by Nexus into Wings Of Glory by Ares. I loved the game but with most games, I had a problem finding people willing to play it, and in addition to having my health deteriorate to the point of needing surgery I had to put the game back on the shelf for the time being which is where I find myself now. Times change and I now find myself willing and able to play.

I wanted to play some games by myself to relearn the rules before trying to teach anybody new how to play the game. I will be flying a Sopwith Camel flown by Jan Olieslager of Belgium and will be flying against an Albatros D.Va flown by Karl Friedrich Kurt Jentsch for Germany. For the Albatros, I will be using the solo rules that were originally designed by Herkybird and can be found on Tyneside Wargames' website here. Because I'm relearning the game I will be using the Basic Rules for this sortie.

I am using the Face to Face scenario which is basically the first plane to be shot down or leave the playing field loses.

In Turn 1 both planes flew at each other at the end of their second maneuver both were still out of shooting range.

By their third maneuver, they were both in firing range and each took a shot, Olieslager shot missed by Jentsch's shots hit their mark doing 1 damage to the Camel. When the Camel took a shot at the Albatros the gun jammed so the Camel will not be able to fire on his next three maneuvers while he works to unjam his machine guns.

Turn 2 begins with the two planes flying by each other exceedingly close, they spend the rest of the Turn 2 maneuvering for another shot.

Both pilots misjudge their opponent and have to spend Turn 3 jockeying for another pass at their enemy.

By the second maneuver of Turn 4, the Albatros has positioned itself for a shot and hits for 3 damage giving the Sopwith Camel 4 damage while the Albatros still has not been hit. The Camel pulls a tight right turn to line up a shot but gets in too close and doesn't have a shot to end Turn 4.

At the beginning of Turn 5, the Camel performs an Immelmann turn to get on the 6 of the Albatros and fires at short range causing 6 damage. The Albatros also gets a shot off and causes 3 damage to the Sopwith. The Sopwith Camel now has 7 damage while the Albatros D.Va has 6 damage.

In Turn 6 both planes come around for a pass at each other and fire! The Albatros misses while the Camel hits causing 3 more damage. At the end of Turn 6, the Camel has 7 damage while the Albatros has 9 damage.

Turn 7 begins with the Camel getting behind and firing at the Albatros hitting at close range for 6 damage which gives the Albatros 15 damage to down the plane.

A victory for the Sopwith Camel and for me personally.

An excellent game and I believe that I've only ever played two games in the past so this is my official first win in Wings of Glory. Eventually, I'd like to run an ongoing campaign but I don't have enough experience with the game or enough planes for that matter. I would like to run the different planes I own aginst each to learn both how the planes perform while flying them while at the same time learning how it is to fly against certain planes. Once I get more experience I'll start introducing more than one airplane and go from there. In the future, I will also take better pictures of my battles to make the AAR's a little more understandable. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas on improving anything let me know, and thanks for reading my AAR.

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