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Streets Of Rage 2 Review

Streets Of Rage 2 is a beat em up game released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis and is the sequel to Streets Of Rage. This game is one of the greatest beat em ups ever released and was the pack in game on my brothers Genesis so I've played it a lot over the years.


One year after the events of Streets Of Rage Adam, who is a cop again, has been kidnapped by the mysterious Mr. X. Adam's brother Eddie "Skate" calls Alex to tell him what happened and the two of them let Blaze know and she also decides to help. So Skate and Blaze head out to fight the bad guys and rescue Adam with the help of Alex's friend the wrestler Max Thunder. This game needed all those 16 megabits to handle all this plot!

Sweet 16-Bit cut scenes


Like it's predecessor this game is a classic beat em up. Most levels scroll to the right when you defeat all the baddies on the screen. They have weapons and you can take them from them like in the first game. In the game you'll find knives, pipes, bombs and ninja knives and swords. My favorite is the length of pipe, can you image walking down a street and swinging a big piece of pipe like a baseball bat into some one's face? You would go down in history as one bad ass dude, the only problem being they'd fit you for an electric chair.

Pirate Ship Battle

You'll also find weapons, health and extra lives hidden in things that can be destroyed like garbage cans. Who doesn't love eating apples and chicken out of garbage cans.

In this game specials work differently than in the first. When you use a special move now, it's an attack that your character performs that does more damage to enemies than your regular attacks but costs your character some their health. This differs from the first game where using a special attack called police backup, you know the kind that fire bazookas out of their squad car.

Elevator fighting

The game has a total of eight levels with a boss battle at the end of each. Each enemy is unique and you'll have no trouble beating them when you learn their patterns. The end of level 6 has all the previous bosses that you already beaten come back for another knock around with you.


In Streets Of Rage 2 you get to choose from four different characters each who play differently. Back from the original game is is Alex who has 2 stars in power, 3 in technique, 2 in speed, 1 in jump and 2 in stamina. Blaze is also back and she is a completely average character having 2 stars in all categories. The wrestler Max has 3 in power, 2 in technique, 1 in speed and jump and 2 in stamina. Adam's brother "Skate" has a 2 in power, 3 in technique, a 2 in speed, 1 in jump and 2 in stamina. These four characters all with different abilities give you a lot of flexibility.

Our cast of heroes


The makers of Streets Of Rage 2 went all out for this game. The sprites are bigger and the graphics look awesome. The sound effects are great and the music is some of the best on the Genesis. Even to this day if I hear any song from this game I'll recognize it instantly.


Streets Of Rage 2 is one of the best beat em ups on the Sega Genesis and one of my favorite games on it as well. Some people think it's a little too easy but I don't think there is anything wrong with that. This game took me and my brother about an hour to finish so it's short but sweet. If you like beat em ups you defiantly need to give this game a try. I give Streets Of Rage 2 a 10 out of 10!

The Mysterious Mr. X 

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