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Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 By Telltale Games Review

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 "The Sword In The Darkness" was released on March 24th 2015 by Telltale Games. This episode continues the story of the House of Forrester and their trouble in the Game Of Thrones show. If you are watching the HBO show and haven't made it past season 3 then you should hold off on this game because it will spoil the plot. My review is based upon the Xbox 360 version.

If you missed the last review you can click here for Episode 2.

I enjoyed the story in Episode 3 a lot. It's the middle of the story where the characters are at their lowest point which is why lots of people like The Empire Strikes Back more than the others. There are four main plot points based around House Forrester.

**SPOILERS** If you don't want the plot ruined for you skip to the end of this section.

This Episode begins with Asher Forrester who has been banished by his family to Essos. Now that House Forrester is in trouble Asher is trying to find a sell swords that he can bring back to Westeros to help his family. While being attacked he finds Daenerys Targaryen's missing dragon. Eventually he gets an audience with her and offers her the location of her dragon for help.

In King's Landing Mira Forrester is trying to keep the guards from finding out she killed a guard while at the same time is trying to get Tyrion Lannister to help her family out by putting in an order for their Ironwood. After getting Tyrion to agree to make the purchase the wedding of his nephew and Margaery Tyrell, who Mira is handmaiden too, occurs and Tyrion is arrested for killing his nephew. Mira had not received the purchase order from Tyrion and has to decided to steal it from his room to keep it or use it.

Gared Tuttle, who was squire to Lord Forrester, becomes a member of the Night's Watch. He is asked by his family to abandon the Night's Watch when they head north of the wall to find a way that may help his family that was mentioned by Lord Forrester before he died. While he is deciding what to do a new man comes to the wall to become a brother, the man that killed Gared's father. Jon Snow asks Gared to pledge to leave the man alone now that he's a brother and before setting off north the man attacks Gared and has to kill him to save his life.

Finally at House Forrester Gryff Whitehill demands that his men are allowed to use the hall against the wishes of the Forresters. Rodrik Forrester, who is now head of House Forrester, talks to his family about removing the Whitehills when he finds out that the they have a traitor who is feeding the Whitehills all their plans.


This episode was a lot of fun and I would have recommended it if not for one problem. Unlike previous Episodes I had little issue with voices syncing up with their voices. Instead I had at a worse problem, characters would be talking but I couldn't hear what they were saying. This started and happened on and off for the rest of the episode. Stupid me wasn't thinking and didn't put on subtitles so I would know what they were saying but I shouldn't have had to. The very end of the Episode had a shot of Daenerys who said something that I missed. I had to go on YouTube after I finished the Episode to find out what she said. I have to say this soured the Episode for me.

The only other problem I came across was that a song cut off abruptly while a conversation between two characters was happening. I don't know if these problems affect other people or only when played only on the Xbox 360. Or maybe I'm just a lucky guy and they only affect me. I have to say that I've really liked every Telltale game I've played but they need to get their act together. I've never had so many problems with multiple games from a developer. I have only played their games on my Xbox 360 but soon I'll be playing one on my Xbox One so hopefully I won't run into these problems.

I enjoyed the plot of this Episode which took me two hours to complete. Unfortunately it was overshadowed by problems I experienced with the game. Without the problems I would have giving Episode 3 an 8 out of 10 but instead it receives from me a 5 out of 10.

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