Friday, August 7, 2020

Blog Update: Hurricane Isaias

Well Hurricane Isaias has come and gone and while it wasn’t bad, I’ve lived through much worse, it somehow did considerable damage to my area. There are trees down everywhere and while our power lines are buried underground they are connected to above ground lines which are all down so we have been without power since Tuesday afternoon but never fear, the power company said we should have power back by this Wednesday!!

While I don’t quite live in the sticks I’m far enough away that we are low on the power companies priorities. This also means that my internet connection on my phone is almost nonexistent. Because of this there won’t be any new posts at least for the next few days and if the power company doesn’t get off their butts sooner it could be even longer. The good news is that I have lots more free time to play Wings of Glory, as long as it’s during the day.

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