Saturday, August 15, 2020

Wings Of Glory Fokker Dr.I VS Sopwith Camel AAR #4

Today I will be flying the Fokker Dr.I of the legendary WW1 German ace Manfred von Richthofen aka The Red Baron against the Canadian Ace Arthur Roy Brown in his Sopwith Camel. The Camel will be flying using the solo rules by Herkybird of the Tyneside Wargamers website and will be flying will all of the rules.

Turn 1

The Red Baron begins at the left of the board while Brown has his Camel on the right side of the map. Both planes fly towards each other and during the third maneuver each fire at Short Range. The Red Baron's Fokker takes 2 damage and his machine guns jam at in the attack. The Camel piloted by Canada's Brown takes 3 damage.

Fokker Dr.1 2 Damage + Jammed Gun (3 Maneuvers)
Sopwith Camel 3 Damage

Turn 2

During the first maneuver, the Red Baron puts his machine into a hard right turn to get back on the six of the camel while Brown continues on forward to the right. Neither plane gets a shot off during Turn 2 but Richthofen manages to get his machine guns working again.

Fokker Dr.1 2 Damage
Sopwith Camel 3 Damage

Turn 3

Maneuver 1 begins with the Fokker on the six of the Camel, albeit too far out to take a shot. The Camel begins a hard right turn while the Fokker speeds up and is able to take a shot at the Camel but causes no damage to Brown's Camel.

During Maneuver 2 the Sopwith continues his right turn while the Fokker closes and gets off a second shot at short range causing 7 damage to the Camel.

Maneuver 3 the Camel finishes his hard right turn while the Fokker flys past the Camel with neither plane getting a shot off.

Fokker Dr.1 2 Damage
Sopwith Camel 10 Damage

Turn 4

The Camel continues to get around on the Fokker to get a shot off while the Red Baron performs an Immelmann maneuver and gets a short-range broadside shot off on the Camel but frustratingly takes 0 damage. At the end of Turn 5, both planes are flying off in different directions.

Fokker Dr.1 2 Damage
Sopwith Camel 10 Damage

Turn 5

Brown in his Camel begins Turn 5 with another hard right turn while The Red Baron performs another Immelmann maneuver. Both planes come screaming at each other during Maneuver 2 and get off long-range shots. Brown's Sopwith Camel for the third time in this match escapes without taking any damage while the Red Baron's Fokker Dr.1 isn't so lucky by taking 4 damage plus the engine begins to smoke.

Both planes end Turn 5 flying past each other but are unable to get a shot off.

Fokker Dr.1 6 Damage + Engine Smoke
Sopwith Camel 10 Damage

Turn 6

Turn 6 begins with both pilots performing hard right turns to get back into shooting range on their opponent. On Maneuver 2 the Fokker lines up a long-range shot and does a further 1 damage to the Sopwith Camel.

On Maneuver 3 both planes fly at each other and get short-range shots off.

The Fokker is badly hit taking 4 new damage to the plane for a total of 10 damage plus the right rudder is jammed and the Red Baron is himself hit! The Sopwith Camel takes 4 damage for a total of 15 and is shot down, the Red Baron is the victor!

A great match and the first time that I've flown a Fokker Dr.1. I liked it, somewhat similar to the Sopwith Camel with the biggest difference being the Fokker a slower plane. I will continue working my way through all the different planes that I have but I definatley want to get behind the yoke of another Fokker Dr.1 very soon!

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