Monday, August 3, 2020

Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture German Film Card

"The unbeatable success"

Today I have a German film card for the 1987 classic film Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture. Besides being released in conjunction with the release of the movie I do not have any information on his card.

This film card measures 5 1/2 inches by 4 inches (140cm by 102cm).

I'm not German and while I do know a few German words I bring you this translation with the help of Google Translate, if anybody out there is fluent in German and see any mistakes please let me know and I can change it.

Masters Of The Universe. USA 1987; 106 Min; Director: Gary Goddard; Book; Writer: David Odell; Camera; Hanania Baer; Editor: Anne V. Coates; Music: Bill Conti; Production Designer: William Stout; Producer: Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus

German Premier: 17. 12. 1987 (December 17th, 1987)

Cast: Dolph Lundgren (He-Man), Frank Langella (Skeletor), Meg Foster (Evil-Lyn), Chelsea Field (Teela), Billy Barty (Gwildor), Courtney Cox (Julie Winston), James Tolkan (Lubic), Jon Cypher (Kevin)  **Jon Cypher played Man-At-Arms in the movie and Robert Duncan McNeill played Kevin Corrigan.**

Content: The intergalactic villain Skeletor has conquered the planet Eternia and captured its magical sorceress. The strong warrior He-Man tries to use the cosmic key to free the planet and the magician. By chance, a small California town becomes a battleground between good and evil.

Cinematography Notes: More than 120 million "Masters Of The Universe" plastic dolls were sold worldwide, and the accompanying cartoon series was broadcast in a total of 32 countries. Nevertheless, no Hollywood studio ventured for a long time. It was Cannon who, together with the toy manufacturer, invested $20 million and hired four-time Oscar winner Richard Edlund for the visual special effects and illustrator William Stout, who had already worked for the "Conan" films, as a production designer.

Director: Gary Goddard is the founder of the Landmark Entertainment Group, which has so far invested more than $70 million in amusement parks across America. He created the "Conan" show and the mechanical King Kong on the Universal Studio site. For John Derek, he wrote the screenplay for "Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle". "Masters Of The Universe" is his directorial debut.

Actor: Dolph Lundgren played his first major film role in "Rocky IV". The Swedish giant played the Russian boxer Drago, who challenges Sylvester Stallone in Moscow. He had previously stood out with a tiny film appearance in the James Bond film "In The Face Of Death" **This is the name the translator came up with, I don't know if that's the film's name in Germany. In the English speaking world, it's called "A View To A Kill."**; alongside Grace Jones and 007 Roger Moore, he was seen as a KGB agent. Frank Langella, born in 1940 in New Jersey, was drawn to it first on stage where he was seen in pieces by Edward Albee and Tennessee Williams. He made his screen debut in 1979 in Frank Perry's "Diary of an Adultery." Further film appearances such as "Twelve Chairs" and "To The Devil With Hosianna" followed, in 1986 he was seen in Peter Medak's "The Men's Club."

Meg Foster is from films like "The Osterman Weekend" and "The Emerald Forest" known.

Well, that looks pretty good I guess. I noted a few errors in between  ** .

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