Monday, August 10, 2020

Masters Of The Universe Miniatures By Quest Miniatures

When the pandemic started I needed some new projects to work so when I saw these Masters Of The Universe miniatures I had to get them. As I write this these are the only MOTU miniatures that you can get besides some that were released in the 1980s that are small, hard to find, and expensive. These look excellent, are affordable, and I think they look great.

These miniatures are by Quest Miniatures who are a Canadian based company that sells their products on Etsy. When I ordered these they did take over a month to get to me but I won't be holding that against Quest since they are from another country and shipped during the pandemic quarantine.

This range of MOTU miniatures is 32mm so a little taller than I usually prefer but I don't mind mixing 28mm and 32mm miniatures too much and the Masters Of The Universe would probably bigger than a regular human miniature so I'm sure once they're painted up they'd look just fine with 28mm scale miniatures.

I purchased Series 1 which consists of six miniatures including He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, and Beast Man. Series 2 is also available and that set includes Man-E-Faces, Stratos, Ram-Man, Tri-Klops, Mer-Man, and Trap Jaw. Series 3 includes Fisto, Mekaneck, Zodac, Webstore, Spikor, and Kobra Kahn. Finally, you can also buy a handful of single miniatures including the Sorceress, Moss Man, Orko, Clawful, and Stinkor. Each miniature costs 8 dollars each and each Series of six miniatures costs 48 dollars plus shipping. These are a little pricey for me, I usually don't like to pay more than 5 dollars for a single miniature, but these are the only MOTU that is available so I can live with the price.

Series 2 by Quest Miniatures

Each miniature is usually at least two pieces, the main body and an arm with a weapon. He-Man comes with multiple arms attached to weapons including his ax and power Sword. He also has a separate ax without a hand, a shield, and s sheath for his Power Sword. The majority of the rest are just a single piece with a separate arm with a weapon.

The miniatures all look pretty good with minor flash needing to be trimmed. My only complaint is the Evil-Lyn miniature is missing a section of the tiara?? she wears on her head. I was rather disappointed that I'll need to spend some time fixing this but it is what it is.

These will be added to the pile of miniatures that I've bought recently that needs to be painted. Once I complete these I honestly don't know if I'll be buying the other sets, not because of anything wrong with them, it's just that CMON recently announced that they would be producing a MOTU game with an accompanying miniature line and unless the game is absolute garbage I'll be buying it and will most likely also buy the miniatures to go with the game, again as long as they aren't horrible. If they are bad I'll definitely be getting the rest of the Quest MOTU miniatures and in all honesty, I'll probably still get them all since they look so good.

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