Monday, August 24, 2020

Propstore Live Auction August 26-27 2020 - Masters Of The Universe Memorabilia

In a few days, Propstore will be having a live movie memorabilia auction on August 26th and 27th 2020. There are some truly wonderful objects available and if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic I would be interested in a few things, one in particular. Even though there is a fair share of props from Masters Of The Universe, there are props from nearly every popular movie from the last 50 years, something for everyone.

As you can see from the front of the catalog one of the items for auction is the Nostromo from the first Alien movie, estimated to sell for $300,000-500,000. There are plenty of other props from the Alien movies including aliens, weapons, and clothing.

There are some great items from the Back To The Future Trilogy. Easily my favorite is Marty's Nike MAG left shoe. It is missing a few pieces and has had some restoration work done to it and they still estimate this left shoe to sell for between $15,000-20.000. I always loved those shoes and I'm still waiting for a pair that works like in the movie and doesn't cost me ten thousand dollars.

There is some great stuff from Batman movies, Jurassic Park, Robocop, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and many many more. If you have the time you can go to the Propstore website and look through the online catalog.

Unless you're new to my blog you'll know that I love Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture. I've been following the Propstore auctions for something like 15 years and back then there wasn't too much in the way of MOTU movie props but the movie has been gaining in popularity over the last few years and the number of items available and the prices they are selling for has definitely been going up.

This year there are a total of nine items in eight lots. In my mind, the coolest is the Skeletor Trooper armor with sword. It's all in good condition and includes a sword. A similar costume a few years ago sold for the same price without a sword so I think this is a good deal. Plus it would really display nice in your house.

There are two lots of blasters, #476 comes with an Eternian Soldier blaster along with a Skeletor's Trooper blaster with an estimate between $600-800. I have one of Skeletor's Trooper blasters and I can say I'm very happy with it. I bought mine about ten years ago for $150 so 600-800 for the pair is a pretty good price.

The last blaster for auction is an Eternian Soldier Blaster Rifle with an estimate between $400-600. This would be another great addition to a collection although I like the look of Skeletor's Troopers Blaster Rifles more than the Eternian Soldier's version.

The next page has some great stuff for auction as well. First off is Gwildor's Grappling Hook. I always like the grappler and I'd love to get this for myself and with an estimate of only $500-700 it's pretty affordable although from experience I doubt it will sell for that low.

Blade's sword is the best weapon out of the MOTU movie props on auction. Besides just looking cool, this is an actual metal sword. Most movie swords are rubber stunt swords and when the "Hero" metal swords go for sale the are worth way more than the rubber ones. With an estimate between $800-1200, I think its a conservative estimate.

Up next are two lots from Skeletor's Golden God Costume. The first set is for his golden chest armor with gloves and belt/codpiece. This is a great set and I'd love to have this as well and I think the estimate of $5000-7000 is pretty close, maybe a bit too high but we'll see.

Finally from Skeletor's Golden God costume is a pair of Light-up Goldtone Gauntlets. These gauntlets would look great in a display case and all but one of the light bulbs still work so a display that turns on would be a wonderful addition to someones' collection. The $3000-5000 estimate seems high to me but that could be due to the working electronics.

The last item for auction from Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture is He-Man's knife. This is the one item I would buy if I could for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it's He-Man's an he was my favorite as a kid. Second, because I own He-Man's belt and this knife's sheath is attached to it so without the knife my belt is missing a vital component.

I know that there is more than one of these floating around and I bid on one a year or two ago but lost, come to think of it this may actually be that knife. The $1000-1500 estimate is at least double of what it sold for on eBay so you can the kind of premium price you can make selling with Propstore.

With the pandemic raging in the USA currently, I have no idea if these estimates will hold out. From previous auctions I know that the estimates are almost always too low but the times are changing and I don't know how it will affect the prices this time. If you see something in the auction that you like let me know, I love collecting movie memorabilia from my favorite movies and I don't know too many other people that like this stuff so I'm curious to know what you may like. And if you bid or win anything let me know, MOTU or not.

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