Friday, May 29, 2020

Mega Construx Pro Builders Prince Adam Action Figure From Masters Of The Universe Review

The Prince is looking a little goofy!

Up next in Wave 1 of Mega Construx Pro Builders line of toys from the Masters of the Universe line is Prince Adam. Prince Adam, the alter ego of He-Man, is the son and heir of King Randor and Queen Marlena. It is hard to find information out on these today but I believe Prince Adam was first released in Wave 1 of the Pro Builders line and not originally released in a wave of the Mega Construx Heroes original line of toys.

In the original MOTU toy line from the 80s, I never had Prince Adam but by the year 1989, when the first wave of MOTU was finished, my friend's older brother had a Price Adam that he didn't want and offered to give him to me for free which I took graciously. My mother didn't like the deal so much so she bought him a pack of baseball cards for him when she bought me some. I remember they were 1989 Topps cards which is how I know what year this happened. This is good for me because unless I have something to tie my memory too I have a terrible time remembering dates and the like.

This depiction of Prince Adam is from the original cartoon and toy line. I was never a fan of this portrayal since Prince Adam looks identical to He-Man with a color change. I understand it was because the cartoon was made by Filmation and they were notorious on keeping costs down and one way to do that is to give everyone the same body. In the cartoon, you'll see that the male characters like He-Man and Man-At-Arms all have the same body underneath so He-Man and Prince Adam look identical physically. If you stripped He-Man and Prince Adam down to a loincloth you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. I never liked this because even my young self could easily tell that they were the same person. Even worse was his color choices which were always bizarre to me. Purple and pink tights don't sound very cool in my eyes then or now.

Anyway back to toys, this Pro Builder toy (GNV33) comes with Prince Adam, a pink Power Sword, and a base with his name on it for a total of 18 pieces. Like all of the other figures in this line, Prince Adam has 12 points of articulation including head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, and knees.

As far as his body it's a redress of He-Man which of course makes sense. The only changes besides colors are his vest which replaces He-Man's chest armor and a piece of armor on He-Man's right arm is missing on Prince Adam.

Prince Adam comes with the same sword as He-Man but again in pink like the original toy. The only accessory Prince Adam is missing that He-Man does come with is a shield which again makes sense because I do not remember Prince Adam ever using a shield, at least in the original cartoon but I could be wrong.

In the end, Prince Adam is a fine addition to the Masters Of The Universe line of Mega Construx Pro Builders. While it is true he is basically a He-Man repaint Prince Adam is a vital character in the MOTU line. I give Prince Adam a 6 out of 10.

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