Thursday, December 10, 2015

Streets Of Rage Review

Streets Of Rage is a beat em up game released in 1991 by Sega for the Sega Genesis. Due to it's popularity it was ported to just about every system including the Sega Master System, Sega CD, Sega Game Gear, iOS, Wii Virtual Console, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.


The city that Streets Of Rage takes place in was once a peaceful place but a criminal element has taken over the city. Nobody is safe because even the police are working with the criminals. Three police officers, Adam, Alex and Blaze quit the department and go out on their own to stop the criminals and bring peace back to the city.


Streets Of Rage is a classic beat em up up at the top with other great games like Double Dragon and Golden Axe. There are a total of eight rounds to play with a boss fight at the end of each except for the seventh round which takes place on an elevator. Your character can fight with his hands and feet but can also pick up weapons to use. Sometimes enemies will have weapons and if you beat them you can take them. Sometimes you'll come across weapons left on the ground that you can also use. The last way to find weapons is to destroy things within the game like phone booths and garbage cans. When you destroy these items they can also have health power ups, extra lives and special attacks and money which increases your point total. When you obtain enough points you earn an extra life.

Besides the combat already mentioned you can also use your special attack, you get one per life but as mentioned above you can sometimes find them in objects. When you use the special attack the screen pans to the left to a police car which fires a bazooka from it and damages all the enemies on screen. Typically unless I'm taking a beating I would use the special attack for the boss at the end of each level. You can use it on all the rounds except the eighth which is the last.

The game will send enemies to attack you from the left and right and you'll need to defeat them before you can move on. I found that once all the enemies were defeated the game would hesitate before letting you continue on. It was the only thing that bugged me about the game.

This game can be played as a single player game or a friend can play with you. Playing with a friend is the best way to go because you'll have more fun.


In Streets Of Rage you have a choice of three characters to play. Each of the three characters has three attributes, two that are good and one that is bad. Adam Hunter has high power and can jump well but his movement speed is slow. Alex Stone has good power and quick movement but his jump is bad. Blaze Fielding moves fast and can jump well but doesn't have a lot of power. Each character is unique on how they feel when using them and I suggest you try each one out to see which fits you best.


Streets Of Rage is a nice looking game that has a great musical score. The sound effects in the game are also great and are perfect in this game. Sega really put all the pieces together for a great game. When the screen is filled with characters there can be a bit of slow down, not terrible but it did happen to me.


Streets Of Rage is a classic game for a reason. While I never played it back in the day but I had a lot of fun with it today and you can beat the game in under two hours so it's not a huge drain on your time. Single player is great but you'll have more fun if you get a friend in on the action. I give Streets Of Rage an 8 out of 10.

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