Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sacred 3 Review

Sacred 3 is a hack and slash game by Deep Silver and was released on August 1 2014 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows computer. On December 16, 2015 it was released for free as part of Microsoft's Games With Gold program. The action of the game isn't too bad but the game has one major flaw that just about ruined the game for me.


Quite honestly I have no clue what the plot was. The cut scenes were still pictures with voice narration over it and I couldn't have cared less. I always give the game's plot a chance but I just couldn't for this game.


Sacred 3 is a typical hack and slash action game. You can play as one of four different characters who each have a different style of game play. All the classics are here, melee hack and slasher, ranged bow and arrow and magic. The action itself wasn't too bad and was the only saving grace for me. There is an world map that follows a road so you can't just jump to the end unless you beat the stops before. Each stop on the road has a suggested level rating and it will allow you to play a level higher than you characters rank but only a few above. As you make your way through the map the levels get harder and harder but since you should be leveling up as you go it usually has you right at the right rank for the level that's up next.

On the map are a few smaller levels to beat before a main level with a boss fight at the end. The smaller levels have you fighting a few enemies before finding a treasure chest. These levels only take a minute or two to complete. There are also wave attacks where you need to survive five enemy attacks with each level containing harder enemies. The main boss levels are the longest to go through before finally getting to the boss for the fight. The bosses aren't really difficult especially if you have a high enough rank.

As you gain xp you level up and each higher rank unlocks different skills that will help you as you make your way through the game. So involve your armor and weapons and some of them are skills that you can trigger as long as you have enough magic points to use it, I don't remember what it's called but I'm going with magic points. You also have at your disposal health potions that can be used when you are killed. You can only have a few on you and you do unlock more spots the higher your rank goes.

While the game can be played easily single player it was designed for multi player game play. As a matter of fact the dialogue during the cut scenes specifically talks about you as a group instead of a solo fighter. One of the annoying things about the game is that unless you change the settings before each time you play by default the game will have you open to fight with people online. Some people don't have a problem with this but I would rather play either on my own or with one of my friends and not some stranger. As a matter of fact at the last boss fight of the game I forgot to change the settings and someone joined my party to help in the fight. It made me laugh because near the end of the battle I was killed before my partner could revive me and he had to beat the end boss all by himself. When that happened the achievement for beating the game popped up for me even though I was dead.

There are three different difficulty settings including easy, medium and hard. To be different they had to name them something else like Deity for the hard setting. When starting out you can only play on the easy or medium setting with hard being unlocked after beating the game. I beat the game at rank 27 out of 50 and when you set the game to hard you continue on at the rank you were at with the levels corresponding to pretty close to the rank I was at.


The look of the game is fine, nothing spectacular but not terrible either. The cheap cut scenes feel like a budget title game and it's basically what this game is. The issue I have with the game is the dialogue in the game. It is the most juvenile I've ever encountered in a game. It seriously sounds like a thirteen year old wrote it. My character keep yelling out words like phrases like "sexy", "sexy pants" and "I'll still respect you in the morning". The game was sexist and not funny at all. It totally ruined the experience for me. I tried to turn off the voices but I couldn't.


This game is an OK hack and slash game which was it's only saving quality. The dialogue was just atrocious, with out it the game would be playable. I would rate Sacred 3 a 4 out of 10.

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