Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting Your Kids Into Gaming With Books

My daughter, who is eight, has always wanted to play some of the games I play but for the most part, I think they would be too much for her. She does enjoy reading books so I thought of a way to introduce into gaming through books.

I went digging and found all my old Choose Your Own Adventure books. These books play very much like solo adventures. You read a bit of the story and are given a choice to go left or right. Each direction has a corresponding page to turn to allow you to become a more interactive participant in the book. There isn't a ton of depth to the stories and each book only has a handful of endings but it is perfect for someone her age. It allows her to play a role-playing game, albeit one at its most basic level, and experience how an RPG story is played.

I was able to find three Choose Your Own Adventure books, a knock off called Which Way Books (this one was my favorite), and a Dungeon And Dragons book. I had no idea that TSR made any of these back in the day. I had never played D&D when I was into these books so I always thought it was just another rip-off book.

If you have or know any children who are interested in gaming be it war games or RPGs I suggest you track down a couple of these books.

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