Friday, July 3, 2015

Let's Play Classic Traveller RPG Chapter 1

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I've heard about Traveller over the years but I never had a chance to play it. Besides the basic premise of the game setting the one thing that I knew was it's the RPG that can kill you during character creation and that intrigued me. Who does that? The classic Traveller Little Black Books sounded like a lot of fun but I never bought it until now.

Today we are going to create my character for my new Traveller game. With the help of the name generator, he will be called John Fleming. John is 18 years old, just out of school with a UUP of 77B483. The UUP, or Universal Personality Profile, and is just your characters stats in an easy to read line. The first 7 is John's Strength, the second 7 is his Dexterity. You roll 2 dice for each stat for a possibility of 2-16 so any roll 10 or over is represented by letters. 10=A, 11=B and so on which means John's Endurance is B or 11. His Intelligence is a dismal 4. John's Education is 8 and Social Standing is 3.

Once he graduated from school John decided he wanted to join the Navy (the Space Navy). I rolled 9 and he was off to the Navy. His first term, each lasts 4 years, he had a pretty cushy job with no real danger (rolled 8). During his tour, he applied for a commission (rolled 8) but was denied probably due to his intelligence. John did well and was taught electronics and something clicked in his brain and his intelligence went up a point to 5. At the end of his 4 years, he had liked the Navy and reenlisted (rolled 11) and was welcomed back for a second term.

On his second tour of duty, he was assigned to a ship that had to deal with pirates and just made it out without being killed (rolled 6). He tried a second time for a commission and passed and was given the rank of Ensign (rolled10). John really started to do well and was promoted to Lieutenant (rolled 9). During his second term, John went to school and his Education has raised 2 points to 10. As an up and coming Lieutenant, people started to notice him a bit more and his Social Standing has raised a point to 4. His second term went even better than his first and he reenlisted and was accepted for a third term (rolled 6).

John started his third term as a Lieutenant but was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Commander (rolled 10). As a Lt. Commander he was assigned to a new ship which was on a much safer duty than his last ship and was in little danger (rolled 10). During this tour, he was taught advanced Engineering as well as Advanced Administration. At the end of his third term, John was 30 years old and decided he wanted to try something new before he became an old man. He checked with the Navy and they said it was OK to retire (rolled 8).

As he was mustering out all the knowledge he learned in the Navy increased his intelligence to 6. He was also given severance pay of 16,000 cash and a travel allowance, not just any allowance but high passage.

At the end of his time in the Navy John went from 77B483 UUP to a 77B6A4 so that is a little better. He was also trained in electronics, engineering and administrating so he should have no problem finding work on a ship fixing stuff. Next time John will be taking some of the credits he was given to buy some supplies after the Navy drops him off. He doesn't know where he'll be dropped off but I'm sure there will be some adventures waiting for him!

Click here for Chapter 2 of my Classic Traveller RPG campaign.

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