Saturday, July 11, 2015

Let's Play The Department Mission 3 : The Murder Sweep

Today we play the third mission of our The Department Campaign. Detective David Issac is called to the scene of a brutal murder. He is charged with gathering evidence and to try and apprehend the suspect in the murder who may have connections to the evil fabricant terrorist RMB-0.

If you've missed the other missions you can click here for the first mission to arrest RMB-0 by Issac's now-deceased brother, click here for Issac's first mission or click here for Issac's second mission against RMB-0.

This mission will cost Detective Issac 2 budget bringing his total budget to 85. Since there are reports of many crowds gathering around the area Issac spends 3 budget on an extra riot officer to help keep the peace.

This is how the streets look before the crowds show up.
The marker I'm using for the chalk outline I made, you can click here to read all about it.


Another senseless murder

Detective Issac goes to investigate around the crowd on his right with his riot officer in tow. The crowd appears to be just onlookers and have nothing to do with the murder. After each crowd is investigated you are supposed to move your character back to the murder scene to see if you discover any evidence but I decided to roll at each crowd to cut out a lot of moving back and forth. At the first crowd, Issac discovers no new evidence.

End of turn 1


Detective Issac moves to the next crowd to investigate but again the crowd is just onlookers. He looks around for any evidence but finds nothing.

End of turn 2


Issac and the riot cop move to the next crowd and again nobody in the crowd is acting suspicious and he doesn't find any evidence around the area.

End of turn 3


Detective Issac and his backup move toward the next crowd. Issac locks eyes with a man who seems to be acting a bit shady and before he knows it the man leaps at him with a knife out!

Questioning the crowd.


At the beginning of turn 5, the man lunges forward and gets a +2 on his melee attack against Issac. The knife-wielder rolls a 4 versus Issac's melee dodge of a 4 so his knife attack misses. Issac can't pull his gun out while in a hand to hand fight so he swings with his fists at his attacker. His melee attack of 3D rolls two sixes and in the goalsystem sixes = 2 goals so Issac rolls 4 goals. His opponent's melee dodge of 4D only gets him 2 goals so the attacker receives 2 damage against his vitality bringing it down to 1.

Knife-wielding manic attacks!

Issac's partner, the riot officer, is equipped with a blaster rifle that is permanently set to stun so which brings the weapon's damage down from D6 to D5. He doesn't have a melee weapon so decides to fire into the melee which will give his target a +1D to his melee defense. The riot officer's ranged attack is 7!! and rolls 5 goals but the knife-wielder has a melee roll of 4 + 1 = 5 and rolls 2 sixes plus another goal for a total of 5 so the officer deals no damage.


The maniac with the knife swings at Issac again and rolls 4 goals versus Issac's 2. His knife causes 2 damage to Issac bringing his vitality down to 1. Issac swings again at the man and scores 1 goal versus his 4 goals so Issac deals no damage. The riot officer fires his blaster rifle again at the knife-wielder and rolls 5 goals versus 3. Like I mentioned earlier the blaster rifle set on stun does 5D damage versus the suspect's damage resistance of 3D, I roll 4 vs 2 and the suspect takes 2 more damage to bring his vitality down to 0 and incapacitating him.

With the suspect taken care of Detective Issac surveys the scene and finds 1 place evidence.

Suspect apprehended!!


Detective Issac and his backup move to question the next crowd. With the suspect in custody, there is no incident with the crowd. Issac doesn't find any evidence in this location.

End of turn 7


Issac moves towards the last crowd he needs to investigate.

End of turn 8


Detective Issac and his backup investigate the last crowd and find nothing. They examine the area and discover 1 piece of place evidence. With all the crowds investigated and a suspect in custody, this mission is complete!


Evidence Gathered: 2 Place Evidence
Internal Affairs Points received : 0 (I'm going with 0 because you get 2 for every shot fired within 2 inches of a crowd but they were only stunning shots and since nobody would have been hurt by them I don't think they would count like firing regular bullets at a crowd.)

The medics patch up Detective Issac's 2 vitality wounds at cost of 2 budget. Detective Issac interrogates the suspect in the murder to try and get some dirt on RMB-0 and needs to roll an Interrogation roll between 3 and 5 and rolls a 2 so he learns nothing from the suspect. He then goes to talk to Internal Affairs, he had a point carry over from his last mission, and they give him a verbal warning. In his next mission if he receives any Internal Affairs Points he will have +1 added to the total. For completing his mission successfully and for gathering 1 piece of evidence Detective Issac earned 2 experience points. He only needs 1 more experience point go up a level.

Total Budget Left = 80 out of 100
Total People Evidence = 1
Total Financial Evidence = 1
Total Place Evidence  = 2

Detective Issac's next mission will be to apprehend and question a drug dealer.

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