Saturday, July 18, 2015

Let's Play Thornguard For Tunnels And Trolls Chapter 1

After my review of the solo adventure Thornguard for Tunnels and Trolls I decided to dig up my character and give it a try. I will be using the free rules that you can download from Drive Thru RPG. I've enjoyed playing with the free rules and I'll probably buy the new deluxe rulebook once it comes out.

My level 3 human warrior Thordam wakes up in his room at the Cow and Butcher Inn. Thordam gets dressed and makes his way to the common area to see an elf women cooking breakfast. He gets a plate of food and sits down with the merchants to eat and have a chat. One of the merchants, Hector, says that he's from the Kingdom of Spirewood in Thornguard to sell his wares. He tells Thordam how on the way here he fell off his horse during his journey to Thornguard and broke his left arm. The merchant asks Thordam if he would be will to help setup his tents and in return he would give him 10% of his earnings for the day.

Thordam decides that it's easy money for a few minutes of work and follows Hector out to where his stall is. It doesn't take him long to construct the stall and once it's done Hector thanks him and tells Thordam that if he's interested in joining the Merchants Guild to make more money he would tell him what to do. Thordam thanks him for the offer but decides to explore the city for now.

As he makes his way through the city he sees many colorful market stalls everywhere with many curious shoppers examining everything that's for sale. It's known that Thornguard's market is the biggest in the kingdom and Thordam could easily believe that. He had also heard that if you travel down into the tunnels you could find exotic trinkets for sale as well. In the center of the market he sees a fat man with a sign that says "Delvers Wanted-Good Pay". Thordam, deciding that he was interested in "Good Pay" and goes over to talk to the man.

The man tells Thordam that his name is Roland and that his cellar is overrun with enraged monkeys??? Roland explains that he was doing some magical experiments on the monkeys and that something went very wrong and asks if he would be interested in taking care of them. Thordam agrees to deal with the monkeys so Roland takes him to his tavern, The Saucy Spoon. He points to the cellar door and says, "Good luck down there. You're going to need it."

Thordam makes his way down the stairs into the dark cellar. He sees crates and barrels everywhere and can hear dripping water somewhere in the dark. Thordam concentrates to see if he can hear any monkey sounds and he can. Three monkeys appear from behind some crates and attack him. He swings his sword at the first monkey that appears, killing him instantly. The next monkey jumps at him with his claws raised. He swipes at Thordam and misses but Thordam doesn't, cutting the monkey's head clean off. The last monkey leaps at Thordam who holds his sword out and impales him with it ending the attack. Thordam wipes down his sword while being thankful for an easy job.

Thordam makes his way out of the cellar and Roland is there waiting for him. He tells Roland that he killed all the monkeys in his cellar. Roland thanks him and pays him 100 gold pieces and names him Chimpslayer!! Thordam doesn't know if he is joking or not but decides there are worse things to be called. Roland then tells him that a hero who's such a good fighter should go to see Marian, the quest giver. She always has work for adventurers.

Thordam thanks him for the work and for the tip and heads over to Marian's bookshop off Candle Row. Thordam enters the shop and Marian appears to welcome him. He explains that he did some work for Roland and he suggested he come to see her about more work. Marian goes to her desk and pulls out a cork board listing all the jobs available. Thordam looks over the board but doesn't see anything that strikes his fancy so Marian puts the board back on her desk and says he can check it out for work any time he wants. Thordam thanks her again and leaves her shop.

After leaving the bookshop Thordam heads back to the center of town and the sprawling marketplace. He notices a nice looking house for sale and the owner tells him he can have it for only 500 gold pieces. With the 100 he already made today he has more than enough for the house and pays the man. Thordam enters the house and looks it over, it's small but nicely furnished and will be more than adequate for his needs. He takes off his armor to try out the bed and before he knows it it's morning.

After getting dressed Thordam grabs something quick to eat at the Cow and Butcher Inn. Once finished he makes his way back to Marian's bookshop to look over the quest board again. Just before he hands it back he sees a new one that's been added since yesterday, Find The Lost Treasure Of Eboran. It is suppose to be at a nearby castle named Fyre and pays 70 gold. It sounds exciting enough and Thordam agrees to the quest.

In Chapter 2 we will see what happens to Thordam as he goes adventuring in Fyre Castle.

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