Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let's Play Thornguard For Tunnels And Trolls Chapter 2

Last time our level 3 human warrior Thordam did some adventuring in the city of Thornguard in my Tunnels and Trolls campaign. I'm currently using the free rule set and if I like it enough I'll be buying the new Deluxe rules that are coming out. Today he will be going treasure hunting into Fyre Castle.

Thordam has decided to pick up a few supplies before going to Fyre Castle and because he fell asleep before talking to Hector he goes to find him first. He sees that the merchant already has his stand setup. he gives Thordam a smile as he approaches.

Hector tells him he had a good day selling yesterday and gives Thordam 100 gold pieces as his cut of the profits. He thanks Hector for the money and asks him what he has for sale. Thordam buys some basic supplies for him and thanks him for everything.

Being new to Thornguard Thordam doesn't know where Fyre Castle is located but he is able to find out pretty easily from the townsfolks. It takes him the better part of the day to make it there but the route was free of any trouble.

Frye Castle is a modest-looking castle that appears to have been abandoned some time ago. It is all overgrown with ivy and some of the stones from its construction have fallen off and littered the ground.

Thordam lights a torch and makes his way into the castle. Inside the castle is a lot of dirt and debris. It doesn't look like any ones been inside for a long time.

After searching through the castle and not finding the treasure anywhere Thordam concludes that it must be located somewhere in the dungeon.

After making his way into the dungeon Thordam listens to see if he can hear anything but it is eerily quiet. Most of the dungeon is empty cells although some do still have the remains of their former occupants still in them.

Eventually, Thordam finds a large storeroom still filled with crates and casks, all empty. He searches the room and can't find the treasure and just before he leaves he sees something behind a stack of crates. Thordam sees a treasure chest! He opens it up and within it is the lost treasure of Eboram.

Thordam begins to fill a sack with the treasure thinking to himself that this was too easy when suddenly a deadly pink wurm attacks him from out of nowhere. Thordam quickly drops the sack with the treasure and his torch and pulls his mace out.

Thordam swings at his enemy and misses but the wurm bites him, luckily his teeth get caught on his armor so he takes no damage. Thordam swings his mace again, hitting the wurm and drawing blood. The wound to the wurm enrages it and it lashes out again but isn't able to bite through the armor.

Thordam throws the wurm off his arm and takes a mighty swing at it. The wurm isn't able to get out of the way fast enough and suffers a terrible injury. When it looks like the wurm is done for it leaps again at Thordam, finding a gap in his armor and biting down hard.

After a series of blows, Thordam is able to knock the wurm off him. He can feel the blood flowing from the wound on his neck. The wurm immediately bites Thordam again drawing more blood. Thordam knocks him off and takes one more mighty swing with his mace and deals a powerful blow to the wurm's head. The wurm twitches on the ground and Thordam can tell that it is finally dead.

He makes his way back to the treasure and gathers it up. Thordam feels the wound to his neck but it doesn't feel so bad so he takes some cloth he has and wraps it around his neck to stop the bleeding.

By the time he makes it out of Fyre Castle, it is night but the road to Thornguard is well marked and he makes good time. Once he makes it back to the city he goes to his new house and after pulling all his armor off he collapses into his bed.

When morning comes he immediately makes his way with the treasure to see Marian. She thanks him for his trouble and takes the treasure from Thordam. She takes the treasure into a back room and comes back a minute later with 250 gold pieces. Thordam thanks her and sets off to find something to eat.

Overall I had a lot of fun with Thornguard. For only a few dollars you get a solo adventure that you can replay many times. Next time Thordam will be getting into some other adventure but you never know, he may be back to Thornguard very soon.

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