Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains

Star Trek Adventures is a pen and paper RPG that was released by Modiphius Entertainment in 2017. To go along with this game Modiphius released a series of miniatures in box sets with different themes including the bridge crews of the TOS Enterprise as well as the TNG Enterprise, there is also a box set for each setting of generic officers. You can also buy boxes of enemies like the Borg or Klingons. Inside the last box is the one I'm talking about today, the Iconic Villains.

The Iconic Villains of Star Trek is a box of eight multi-part resin miniatures in the 32mm scale. I wish they were 28mm but 32mm is pretty close and it seems that newer and newer miniatures are coming out in this scale. I can live with it if they stay at this size and don't get any bigger.

In this set, you'll get eight miniatures that span from the Star Trek The Original Series era to The Next Generation movies. Nothing from any of the new shows like Discovery or Picard and nothing from Star Trek Enterprise is included in this set. The only miniature in this set from the TOS era is a great looking Gorn. From the TOS movies are miniatures of Khan from Star Trek 2 and General Chang from Star Trek 6.


From Star Trek The Next Generation you'll get the first villain of the show with Q. There is also a miniature of Data's brother the android Lore and Captain Picard as Locutus of Borg.


You get one miniature from Star Trek Deep Space Nine in the form of Gul Dukat, the Cardassian that ran DS9 when it was still a Cardassian station. Finally from Star Trek First Contact and later Star Trek Voyager is the Borg Queen.

General Chang

Most of the miniatures are in two parts with the body and a base that need to be glued together. Each base looks excellent and is uniquely based on each character's environment. A few of the miniatures, like the Borg, have different arm options that you can choose from. I like all of these miniatures as well as the others I mentioned above. The big reason why I purchased these is that on Amazon they list at $49.99 which means $6.24. That isn't a terrible price but when I purchased these (and as of the publishing of this post) Amazon has these guys on sale for only $18.14 which is $2.27 each and at that price, I couldn't say no. I have a huge backlog of miniatures to paint and these guys will go in the long line but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I ran out of the primer I use in my airbrush but a new bottle just came in so I can get back to painting. If you are interested in getting these guys at a great price you can click here on Amazon.

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