Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wings Of Glory City Game Mat Review

Ares, the makers of Wings Of Glory has released a series of game mats to play both World War One and Two versions of the game on. These mats are not essential to playing Wings Of Glory but they look great and can really take your games to the next level.

As of this review, there have been five different versions of the mats released including the city mat that I bought along with a countryside mat, coast, Industrial Complex, and finally Noman's land. Currently, the City, Coast, and Countryside mats are pretty easy to find whereas the Industrial Complex is hard to find and I haven't seen a Noman's Land mat available at any price. Of course, that's the case since, at least to me, Noman's Land looks the best and if you're playing a World War One game you're going to want a Noman's Land mat to play on. Hopefully, I can track one down at a reasonable price or Ares can rerelease Noman's Land again.

Each mat measures 27 inches by  39 inches (68cm by 90cm) which is a pretty good size for a handful of planes but it can get a little small with more than five planes on it. In my opinion, the best feature of these maps is that the roads and rivers are places so you can combine multiple maps in may different configurations and everything will line up. The Ares website shows some of the different ways that the mats can be combined.

These mats are made out of the same material as mouse pads. Does anybody even use mousepads anymore? I haven't in many years. Anyway, the mousepad material makes these mats pretty durable. The mats are also boxed inside a unique triangle-shaped box, you can see an example in the picture at the top of the article. I'm guessing that a tube poster container wasn't because they would roll off a shelf but these triangle-shaped boxes will sit on a shelf with ease. This is only a guess, I have no idea why they went with this design. I don't have any issue with this I'm just pointing it out because to me it's unique.

I bought the city map which was the cheapest I could find at the time I purchased it. I like each of the maps and besides the Noman's Land mat I would like to get next either the Industrial Complex or the Countryside Game Mats.

I have two gripes with these mats including the Wings Of Glory logo's printed on the corners, it isn't a huge deal but it does break up the immersion.

My other issue is the backside which is black. I'm sure it would have cost extra to print something on the back but it would have been nice and double the value of each mat. I guess if you were playing a night missing the black side could be used like that.

These mats cost around 30 dollars US which isn't terrible but because of the limited availability, they may cost you more especially the harder to find ones. I'm very happy with my mat and I will be getting more in the future because just one gets to be too small once you start adding in multiple planes. I give these Wings Of Glory Game Mats an 8 out of 10.

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