Monday, July 27, 2020

Mega Construx Pro Builders Moss Man From Masters Of The Universe Review

Today I have the last review of the first wave of the Mega Construx Pro Builders based upon the Masters Of The Universe toy line. We have Beast Man's good counterpart the environmentally friendly Moss Man. This figure is all new to the Mega Construx line and not a repaint like Skeletor or rereleases from the original Mega Construx line.

Moss Man is a Wave 1 release of the Mega Construx Pro Builders line of toys. He has the standard articulation just like the other figures that have been released. Moss Man and his accessories total 18 pieces including his stand and weapon.

Anybody familiar with Masters Of The Universe knows that there are many different characters and one was most distinct from the last. I had many different action figures from MOTU that were my favorite but out of all of them, my favorite was Moss Man. I loved the flocking that he had to simulate his plant material body but even more distinct was his smell. If you didn't grow up with the vintage 80s Moss Man he had a wonderful pine scent to him. My childhood Moss Man doesn't smell like he uses to but if you stick him up to your nose you can still smell that smell. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this Mega Construx Moss Man has neither flocking nor a fresh pine scent. For a 5 dollar toy in 2020 I can live with it but it would have been a nice addition.

I was most into Masters Of The Universe in 1987 for a number of reasons. The first being that I was a little too young when it first debuted in toy form in 1981 and cartoon form in 1983 but by 1987 I was prime age. The second reason being that Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture came out in August and if you've spent 30 seconds on this blog you'd know that I love that movie. The third reason being that MOTU was waning by 1987 and because of this, the toys were being sold at a discount. When my mom was shopping for me for Christmas in 1987 she was able to get me a lot of MOTU action figures. It was something like 20 brand new action figures and I couldn't have been happier. Why I'm telling you this is because the majority of action figures were regular carded versions. My Moss Man came in a three-pack with Buzz-Off and Mekaneck, an example of one is shown above. The three figures aren't worth any more than any regular action figure from that line but that 3 pack is incredibly rare and worth more than one thousand dollars so whenever I think of Moss Man it makes me a little sad knowing that I tore into that box not knowing it would be worth so much now. Granted if I could go back in time I would still unbox these figures because they were essential soldiers in goods battle against Skeletor and his minions. A few years ago before my mom was too sick with cancer we were going through all her old photos and while she thought there were some pictures of my "He-Man" Christmas we couldn't find any. Now that she's gone I've gone through all her stuff and there were no pictures but I still have the memories as well as the action figures.

This Moss Man, which like the original toy is based upon the body of Beast Man, is a great looking figure.

As I write this at the end of July 2020 I have no idea what the Mega Construx Pro Builders line plan to do in the future. I know Mattel, the company that owns Masters Of The Universe, has canceled the MOTU Classics line that they started and had Super7 continue the last few years due to a new MOTU cartoon and toy line that are planned for 2020/2021. As of right now, I'm missing Scare Glow, the wind raider, and Castle Greyskull which comes with an exclusive Sorceress figure.

I'm very happy with my Moss Man Mega Construx action figure and give him an 8 out of 10. If they continue producing toys in this line I'll keep buying.

Prince Adam, Moss Man, Evil-Lyn

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