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Masters Of The Universe Classics God Skeletor By Super7 Action Figure Review

Unfortunately today we have the last figure in Super7's Masters Of The Universe Classics: The Motion Picture action figures wave. I've already reviewed Commander Karg, Rebel Leader He-Man, and Dark Despot Skeletor, all characters from the Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture which leaves us with God Skeletor.

God Skeletor is the form Skeletor takes at the end of Masters Of The Universe: The Motion Picture. After concurring Castle Greyskull, he imprisons the Sorceress and begins to drain her power. Next Skeletor sends his minions to Earth to track down He-Man and capture Gwildor's prototype Cosmic Key. With the Sorceress power and the Sword Of Greyskull Skeletor opens the Great Eye and gains the Power of Greyskull which transforms his armor into gold and gives him the powers of a god. While in the movie Skeletor only has the power for 10 minutes or so and the only new power he seems to have is the ability to shoot golden rays from his eyes. I'm sure that he has received much more than this since everybody in the movie is terrified of Skeletor once he has these powers.

This action figure is produced by Super7 as part of the Masters Of The Universe Classics toy line. God Skeletor is basically a repaint of Dark Despot Skeletor with a few minor changes. Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of repaints, does anyone remember "Pimp" Skeletor from the 2002 MOTU line?

"Pimp" Skeletor
One of the ways a toy company can save money is to repaint an already existing figure which saves money and is one of the biggest reasons the 2002 MOTU line failed. Every new wave had a lot of new He-Mans and Skeletors, sometimes with minor changes like the gaudy paint job above, while the new figures would be few and far between. I can remember going to the local toy stores hoping to find a Buzz-Off or a Battle Fist (Fisto) but only finding repaints.

When it comes to God Skeletor I'm ok with it because it wasn't too much work for Super7 to make this version based upon Dark Despot Skeletor and you've got to have a figure of the bad guy in his ultimate form from the end of the movie. Once "God" Skeletor is on screen the action doesn't stop until He-Man defeats him. On a side note Frank Langella, the actor who plays Skeletor, absolutely steals the show, and for people who aren't the biggest fan of the movie they usually agree that he's the best part of the movie. The scenes from when they get back to Earth until the end of the movie, particularly the speech Skeletor gives before he transforms is just wonderful. I can still remember seeing this movie in the theater and the ending just blew me away.

Bosom Buddies

God Skeletor is made from the body of Dark Despot Skeletor so they both have the same articulation. Both figures have mostly the same parts including arms, legs, chest armor, cloak, and codpiece. The only changes, besides the colors, is the fringe that is attached to God Skeletor's belt that covers his codpiece.

The other change, at least that I can see, is his head. Dark Despot Skeletor has a hood covering his head but God Skeletor has a huge golden mask/helmet that is very distinct. To me, the top always reminded me of the Castle Greyskull matte painting from the movie.

One aspect of the helmet is this large set of what looks like bat wings on the back. Overall I really like the look but you may think it looks terrible but to my five-year-old eyes God Skeletor looks badass.

Despite being a repaint with minor changes, when it comes to accessories God Skeletor is a bit lacking. Dark Despot Skeletor came with his Havoc Staff, sword, and a Cosmic Key. God Skeletor only comes with his Havoc Staff. I realize that in the movie God Skeletor only interacts with his staff but they could have snuck in something from the movie to include with him. While the Greyskull Throne would be awesome, but an impractical option, the electronic device near the throne that Skeletor puts He-Man's Sword Of Greyskull into would have been an excellent accessory that would have been cheap to produce and would have been great to have.

Production Designer William Stout's God Skeletor Concept Art
I have to say I like the look of God Skeletor's face more than his counterpart. I wasn't very happy with the paint job on Dark Despot and because God Skeletor's face his partially covered it makes the paint job easier to live with. While I like the look of Dark Despot Skeletor in the movie, I like God Skeletor's toy more. The only knock against this figure, at least to me, is that he could have used one or two more accessories. Rebel Leader He-Man comes with two heads, his sword, two smaller knives, and a blaster pistol while repaint God Skeletor only comes with his staff, which is only a repaint of Dark Despot Skeletor's Staff. Even with these feelings, I can easily give God Skeletor a 9 out of 10!

Now that Mattel and Super7 have come to the end of the MOTUC line I have to say I'm quite upset. I waited many years for any figures from the movie and they did release remakes of the figures that were originally made in the 80s. Then Super7 came out with Karg, an all-new figure from the movie and my excitement begin to grow. Next, they came out with this wave with a more movie-accurate Karg, two Skeletors, and He-Man. And when it looks like it can only keep going Mattel decides to cancel the line due to the relaunch of a new MOTU cartoon and toyline. I don't see any way that a 7 Inch line based upon the Movie would interfere with the sales of anything from the new series. I guarantee that any other figures released from the movie I will pick up and by the cost of these figures on the secondary market it seems like I'm not the only one. Don't let us down Mattel, I'm sure Super7 would be more than happy to release Man-At-Arms, Teela, The Sorceress, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, some Dark Troopers, even the Human characters like Lubic, Julie, Kevin, and even Charlie. It seems to me that Mattel is just leaving money on the table but what do I know, I like the He-Man movie.

Good Journey

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