Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dirt 3 Video Game Review

Dirt 3 is a rally car racing game released on May 24th  2011 on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. The game was released by Codemasters, the same company who released the previous Dirt games. If you have the game for Xbox 360 it is now available to play on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Game play in Dirt 3 is your basic car racing simulator game but with rally racing, rally cross and similar races as apposed to the typical racing on race tracks. Rally racing is racing on dirt or snow courses and rally cross has you racing on both dirt and pavement. Most of the races are timed for placement and have you begin your race and after a pause the next guy goes behind you. There are some traditional racing with all the cars racing at once.

The game has 4 different seasons for you to drive in. Each season has numerous races to run with many different styles (rally, stunt etc). Only the first season is available at the beginning of the game and even in that season only a couple of races are available. You need to earn enough reputation in those races to advance.

As you win races you accrue reputation points which unlocks new races. You can also gain reputation by performing specific goals during each race. Some examples would be to hit a certain speed during the race or drifting for some many feet during the race. As you gain reputation your driver will level up which gives you access to new cars to drive. If you purchased a new copy, and not borrowed the game from your friend or bought it used, you get a VIP code that unlocks more cars and races for you to use. The game also contains cars that can only be used by real world purchasing, I hate this. If I pay for a game I want the game to be complete. When games releases new level DLC for a game that's one thing but putting the car into the game at launch but not allowing you to use it without purchase is terrible in my opinion.

The game has realistic damage for cars but to looks only, except for the worst of accidents your car will carry on as if nothing happened. The game also features rain, snow and night driving which isn't just for show but will actually make it hard for you to see, especially if your head lights are broken. The games locations and cars look very good, Codemasters did a very good job on the look of the game.

One thing this game is missing that I would have liked to seen is car modifications. I know many people like to modify paint and stickers on cars and that's fine but I like to buy new parts to make you car faster like in the Gran Turismo and Forza games. Unfortunately this game has no modifying of cars either in technology or graphics. While it doesn't really make the game any less I've grown accustomed to modding cars and would have liked to have been able to.

The biggest problem I have with this game is the Gymkana races. The Gymkana races are the stunt races. Some of the stunts that you will be preforming are drifting, jumps, donuts and so on. Now these can be fun I'm mostly in it for racing so I wasn't happy with these races. If you like doing stunts than you'll enjoy this part of the game. Gymkana is well done like the rest of the game I'm just not a fan of it.

One odd aspect of Dirt 3 is YouTube. After nearly every single race Dirt 3 is asking me if I want to post the race on YouTube. All I had to do was click on the Yellow button and it would upload it (as long as I had given the game my YouTube information). I guess I understand why they do this with the way the world is now but I was annoying to me.

If you like car racing games, especially rally and stunt racing than you should give Dirt 3 a try. I give Dirt 3 a 7 out of 10.

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