Friday, November 20, 2015

Some More Free Paper Terrain

I'm always looking for cheap or even better free paper terrain I can build and I came across a website named Dave's Games. Not only do they sell many different kinds of paper terrain but they also have 4 free models that you can download. I downloaded them all and will be building each in the future. You can never have enough terrain, especially when it's free!

The first building that I'm going to build is the hardest of the three, the observatory. I liked all the free models but I liked this one the most because it's pretty unique and cool looking. Unlike the others that are mostly boxes the observatory has a ton of angles on it which makes it more challenging. The website recommends that you build the others first to get the hang of it but I'm a pro and can skip to the hard ones (that's a lie I'm terrible at these kinds of multi angle builds).

The PDF includes three different ways to print the observatory giving you different options to how it will look. I choose brick over wood and stone because I though it would fit in more in different settings. These four free terrain pieces do not contain interiors but some of them that cost money do have interiors.

I was having a hard time keeping the pieces together because the glue wasn't drying very fast. Eventually I decided to glue each piece and then tape the back down. Since it doesn't have an interior I figured it wouldn't matter. The hardest part for me was putting the roof pieces together. The pieces are small and it was driving me nuts so I got it as good as I could and added black paint to cover up any mistakes.

Any issue you see on this observatory are from my "skills" and not an issue with the model. I did print out all three different types of the observatory and I may try to build a second one to see if I can do better with it or I may build it will foam core to strengthen the model.

Another free item that Dave's Models has is a free Paper Modeling Guide that you can get. It is for people new to paper terrain and has a lot of good tips. You can't buy any of the terrain pieces off Dave's Games, instead you have to go to websites like Drive Thru RPG to download both the free ones and the ones for sale. The website has links to take to where you can buy them.

I like this model and I think it came out pretty good. The only problems with it are because of me and not the fault of the model. If you're looking for paper terrain Dave's Games is a good place to check out. Click here to find out where you can get more free paper buildings.

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